Hola, me siento muy identificada con un personaje de la historia. Sigue escribiendo!! Son historias que enganchan ;)

jajajajja me alegro que te sientas identificada, estoy deseando seguir escribiendo… ahora solo falta vivir cosas divertidas para poder inspirarme :P

Indie’s and Cristie’s Snowy Holidays

Historia sin corregir posibles errores de redacción xq son las 2 am y tengo sueñoooo

“Oh kiss me out of the bearded barley, nightly / beside the green, green grass / Swing, swing, swing the spinning step / You’ll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress…”

Indie couldn’t imagine a better way of starting the day but with one of her favorite love songs. She’d always wait to the end of the song and would imagine herself with “Mr. Perfect” (who she knew was out there… somewhere). She’d imagine the scent of his perfume, the softness of his black hair, the sound of his soft but firm voice, the pounding of his heart when she rested her head on his chest as the slowly danced under the moon. Al that romantic scene would lead to “The kiss”, but for some reason her imagination could never picture that moment. Lack of experience was the explanation she gave herself to the crappy end of her daydreams. She would have continued daydreaming as usual, but today was going to be a busy day and she was going to need a song a little more energizing, and what can be more energizing than a James Brown’s playlist. So as she started hearing the guitar intro to the “Kiss Me” song, she quickly turned it off and reached for the remote that connected with hear stereo system. The James Brown CD was inside so she simply hit play and “Get up offa that thing” started sounding. She quickly jumped out of bed and started dancing and singing in her pajama, which was a onesie that had electric guitars, batteries, pianos and basses drawn in it. She always fooled with her best friend saying she had the most bad ass onesie ever made. Once the song was over she made her bed and went straight to the shower. Today was a pretty special day for Indie. She was going for her first vacations without parents. She and her best friend Christie where going to go snowboarding for the Christmas holidays. Indie and Christie where a curious pair of girls. They met the first day of university and since then they hadn’t separated. Saying they had a lot of imagination wouldn`t be enough to describe them. Once one of them had a crazy/funny idea they wouldn’t stop till they saw it come to life. By themselves they would appear to be normal girls, but when they unit their forces they are unstoppable, it almost seemed like one encouraged the other and they would help each other overcome the fear of failure or the embarrassment of appearing as a fool. They didn’t care they could be taken as crazy fools as long as they seemed crazy fools together. 

With this mentality you’d think it wouldn’t be a good idea to let those two go away for a week with no kind of supervision or limits… and you’d probably be right. But there was nothing that would stop them now, they had made up their minds about these holidays and there was nothing that would change their minds.

Indie quickly finished putting away a couple of things in her suitcase, that seemed like it was it was about to explode, and got ready for the trip of her life. Once she received the call from Christie saying she was waiting for her in the parking lot Indie got her things, kissed her mom and dad, screamed BYE!! to her older brother who replied: “Since you abandon me for the holidays you might as well find me a girlfriend to make up for the boring holidays I’m gonna spend without you, and worst, with our obnoxious cousins”. Indie couldn’t help but laughing at his brother comment because it’s true that their cousins were insufferable and that she and her brother usually spent all the holidays escaping from them and playing video games to kill time. “Sure big bro, I’ll find you a hottie promise, see you soon”. Indies dad helped her get everything in the car and kissed goodbye on last time and whispered on her ear: “be careful teddy bear, be good… have fun, but not to much, I love you”. “Haha okay daddy bear, I love you too! See you in a week”. “Don´t worry Mr. Burke, I promise I’ll take care of your little teddy bear”: said Christie with a little grin on her face. “I’m more worried of the people who are around you two, I hope no one gets injured with the craziness you go spreading where ever you two go”: said Mr. Burke.

Once they got on the car Indie saw in the rearview her father waving goodbye and for a moment felt sad for leaving her family for the holidays, but quickly remembered how much fun she knew her holidays were going to be. Christie looked over to Indie and told her: “Common little sis bring out that pendrive and hit me with some music!”, to what Indie answered: “You got it big sis”. She connected her USB and they sang all the way.

When they started seeing the snowy mountains their hearts started racing. Once they got to the cabin they had rented they undid their suitcases (fastest chaotic scenario ever made) and dressed up for the action. A month before the trip they had gone shopping looking for the cutest snowboarding outfits so they were ready for action. These were going to be unforgettable holidays!

Once they looked awesome in the snowboard outfits they decided to take their first snowboarding class. “How hard can this be, you stand in a board and let gravity do the rest” said Christie with a very secure expression. Indie, on the other hand, was freaking out a little, sports had never been her strong point, but of course she laughed at Christie’s comment and tried to convince herself that she was right. Since she had met Christie she had admired her strength, her courage and her adventuress spirit. She’d never before had had a friend that had such a spirit and was so sweet, encouraging and fun as her. Indie was a pretty emotional girl with great crazy ideas but too shy to ever do any of them… or at least things were like this till Christie showed up. She let Indie’s best side show, behind that shy little red headed girl was a crazy creative person screaming to have a voice and praying to be heard. Indie always wondered what a cool girl like Christie had seen in her. Christie always said destiny had united them. As Indie thought about their friendship the anxiety slowly started to decline, so she said out loud: “You’re right, we’ll have the hang of this in no time, if we help each other we can manage anything”. The snowboard coach heard Indie and said: “that’s the spirit, you’ll have no problems”. Indie’s face immediately turned red, something that usually happened to her, and she also had a bad feeling because she had the impression of noticing a slight sarcasm in the guy’s voice, but dismissed the idea immediately.

The coach started giving instructions about the equipment, security rules, the difficulties of the different ski slopes and then showed them how to get the board attached, balance the body on it and how to get up if you fall. Falling was painful but the worst part was getting back on your feet because they are stuck to the board so it isn’t as easy as you’d think. Indie and Christie quickly realized this and spent more time trying to get up than actually snowboarding but they even found a way of making this fun. They help each other get up, snowboarded grabbing each other or to trees and they bet who would fall first. After three days getting the hang of not falling and snowboarding in little slopes they were ready to try going down a real slope.

They went to the top of the slope, got on their snowboards, made sure the rest of the equipment was correctly placed and then looked at each other. Indie for the first time since she had known Christie thought she saw in her face a slight sign of fear but it quickly faded away when she said: “See you in the bottom lil’ sis” to what Indie answered: “If I don’t make it tell my family I loved them, and to you I tell you it’s been a honor having you as my friend, love you big sis”. Christie laughed out loud and said: “you are always so dramatic” as she finished speaking she let herself slide down. Immediately Indie slide right behind her trying to catch up with Christie. Indie’s heart started to raise, she’d never been good at sports but she loved them. The feeling of your muscles tightening, your heart raising, your lungs expanding and breathing heavily and realizing what your body is capable of. As Indie breathed in that moment Christie looked back to see if Indie had fallen already but no, she seemed to be enjoying herself. When she tried to look straight again the movement caused her to lose her direction and she started to go down on a diagonal, it turned out that on that precise moment another person was near her and before neither of them could do anything the both colapse into each other. Indie automatically did what she knew best, she fell on her butt, untied the snowboard from her feet and ran to was left of her friend crying out loud: “I’m coming Christie”, running in the snow isn’t easy, specially if you don’t usually run at all, except to get on time to the bus stop. By the time Indie got to Christie the guy she had ran over was helping her get up. Christie was blushing, another reaction Indie had never seen on her friend. But no wonder she was, she had run over a guy she later referred to as: “the snow cutie”. Instead of getting angry he apologized and was quick to make sure she was okay, although it had been her fault. Once Indie was next to them and realized Christie was okay, she started to realize Christie was acting really weird, Indie didn’t know if it was a contusion or if she was falling for the guy she had taken down only 3 minutes ago. Realizing her helmet wasn’t affected by the crash she choose to go with her second theory and decided to take action because she saw Christie was going to let the opportunity pass “Hey Christie the least you can do is invite the guy to a beer or something after tackling him the way you did! Hahaha” to this Christie looked at Indie saying with her eyes “I’m going to kill you” but Indie knew deep inside she was going to thank her later. So Christie, trying to keep her cool as much as possible, said to “the snow cutie”: “I’m so sorry again, really… umm let me pay you back with a beer or something, I feel terrible. My name is Christie by the way”. “The snow cutie” answered laughing and also blushing a little: “My name is Josh. Don’t feel bad, when I started to learn I also tackled my fare share of people too. But I’d gladly accept that beer”. Christie couldn’t help but smile widely to his answer and they all left the ski slopes to go have that beer.

All three of them spent the rest of the day in a cafeteria talking, laughing and getting to know each other. After this they started hanging out to snowboard with some tips Josh gave the girls and they also went out through the town, since he lived there. Indie was very happy to see that Christie and Josh got so well and realized how happy Christie seemed. But at the same time Indie was scared she was going to lose the wrestle against “the snow cutie”. Christie could tell Indie was worried about this and made sure everyone had a great time and by the time the holidays were over they all had had a great time together and the connection between Josh and Christie was obvious.

The last day of their holidays had come along and neither of them wanted to leave. Although Christie had more reasons to want to stay. Her connection with Josh had been something really special and they both knew it. So when the time of separating arrived you could read in there faces the sadness they felt. But they promised to keep frequently in touch and they did and there friendship grew into something more, but that’s another story.

Christie and Indie drove back home in silence at first, but on the first light stop Christie said: “We need…” and before she could finish the sentence Indie said: “Music!”. They looked at each other and smiled. Sure Christie missed Josh but she was going to see him again and was going to talk to him while they were apart, there was no need to not enjoy the rest of the trip next to her best friend and sister. They drove singing, laughing and eating junk food the rest of the trip while they saw through the rearview how the mountains were getting smaller and smaller as they drove away.

I’ve heard so much of you, It almost feels like a know you.

It gets on my nerves when people start talking to me about guys, burying ideas and even emotions sometimes. What am I supposed to do with that information? Pursue the guy? No way! I don’t want to be the girl that goes after the guy; I want to be pursued by a good man of God, a man who will love me and cherish me, a man that will be brave enough to conquer me. I am not saying he has to be a tiger, I don’t like that either, I just want someone who will first win my friendship to, later on, win my heart. 

I’ve heard so much of you, It almost feels like a know you. Yet you don’t even know my name. I’ve seen you so many times, yet you don’t know the color of my eyes. I’ve dream with you sometime, yet your dreams are far behind. You seem sweet, seem smart, seem shy, seem respectful and kind… you seem perfect, to bad you’ll never be mine.

Mis Aspiraciones

En el momento en que yo entregué mi vida a Dios, alcancé salvación y el derecho a ser llamada hija de Dios llegué a lo más alto a lo que puede aspirar un ser humano. Ahora mi meta es intentar vivir a la altura del Dios al que sirvo y seguir lo mejor posible el camino que ha trazado para mi. 
Se que ese camino puede ser duro y cansado pero es entonces cuando tendré que moverme por fe, sabiendo que tengo un Dios todopoderoso que me lleva de la mano. 
Aspiro a que:
- sus sueños sean mis sueños.
- sus metas sean mis metas
- sus caminos sean mis caminos
- sus palabras sean las que salgan de mi boca
- su amor sea el que yo refleje
- su sabiduría la que yo transmita
- a estar gozosa aunque las circunstancias sean difíciles
- a tener paz, aunque las tinieblas me rodeen porque se que Él está allí
- a ser paciente, aunque sienta que el agua sube y no tengo salida porque mi Dios es un Dios misericordioso y salvador.

Escrito el 13 de Abril del 2013

I found this online and thought it was so cute… although I must admit that at first I didn’t quite get it but my brother, that is a programmer, translated the geeky quote for me :P
#geeky #love #cute #funny #sweet #romantic #translation

I found this online and thought it was so cute… although I must admit that at first I didn’t quite get it but my brother, that is a programmer, translated the geeky quote for me :P

#geeky #love #cute #funny #sweet #romantic #translation

I was way too blind to see that you were always right next to me. But you opened my eyes and let me see your perfect plan for me.
Me bored trying to do rhymes XD

Being in love is beautiful Judith, the heart suffers sometimes, but it’s worth it…
My very romantic Dad :)

Es lindo estar enamorado Judith, sufre el corazón pero merece la pena…
El romántico de mi padre :)